I am ecstatic to join Trashweezle as contributing book reviewer! I am
a twenty-eight-year-old poet, twin, Old Soul, politico, and Wisconsin activist with a “healthy” addiction to cheese (surprising, I know). I am overjoyed to join a community chock full of artistic fervor and filling a badly needed space in our world.  


I became a feminist in part through the example set by my mother which assured that women could climb any hill they set their sights on. I was seven when I exclaimed that I’d be the first female President of the United States. Each day I try to return to that version of myself; the one who didn’t see roadblocks but instead saw opportunity in a world striving to silence women. In 2016, I launched My Final Say, a digital space for survivors of workplace harassment and violence to connect and provide mutual support. My Final Say was born through my own trial by fire as a twenty-four-year-old female labor organizer.
I try to use art and expression to tie cords to strangers and resist the powerful forces seeking to separate us.  


When Trashweezle Founder Jac Weitzel asked whether I’d contribute, I was humbled to take part in a project I know will continue to transform women’s experiences in the creative world.


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